Thursday, March 27

Sweet boot, today only on Ebay

I've never seen this one before, so had to share, even if the listing will probably be over before you see it, even if you do wear the same size of boot as me:

Steve Madden Madelyn, found here
Very Steampunk-compatible!

Wednesday, March 26

Steampunk Style for the Mini-Minnie, for March 2014

 OK, so you can probably tell by the pumpkins when these photos were really taken, and thus how long I've taken to post them.  It was a very busy Fall around here, which is why I went through a long silent spell there--but now it's Spring, with more time to sit with my tea and indulge my pseudo-Steampunk imagination. 

My middle mini-Minnie
Top and skirt by Hanna Andersson
Tights by GAP

I showed you all this outfit before, on my eldest mini-Minnie, but since then I found these fabulous striped tights, which really heighten the goth/Steampunk hints. Esp. on my own little Wednesday.

The shoes are not necessarily my favorite--oh, how perfect this look would be with short, button-detailed black leather boots.  But for practicality, almost any pair of black leather mary janes like these will work just fine with pseudo-Steampunk.

Just for fun, I decided to play with different looks in our photo-editing program:

I'm going to remember this one for how it makes the subject stand out and lends a slight ghostly feel to the image.

And here's my mini-Minnie in full Gothic glory. 

Now with a little more breathing room in my days for creativity, I would love to see what little Steampunky bits you have been finding online.  Please do share any in the comments below!

Tuesday, March 11

Sunday Pseudo-Steam, March 9, 2014

This particular Sunday I had a little bit of a steampunk Mary Poppins thing going on.  That's an excellent premise for an ensemble, and I might keep that in mind as I finish this particular look.

Blouse by frenchi, bought at the Salvation Army
Skirt by Onanya, on Etsy
Tahra boots by LaCanadienne

Jacket by Ann Taylor
Earrings by Elaina Louise Studios
Flexi-clip by Lilla Rose

I really like all of the pieces of this outfit, and yet, together they were not quite working for me.  I think the problem is the skirt.  I really enjoy this skirt, and find it is so subtly Steampunk--just right for a Real World Steampunk Wardrobe.  But with wintery things, like this corduroy jacket, the skirt is just not quite the weight.  Also, this is just too much brown in this outfit.  And I think the shape of the skirt is flattering with the cut and length of the blouse, but not so much with the skirt.  Finally, looking at this side view, I'm reminded that I must occasionally check the adjustment of the gathers in the back as well as the front when I am wearing it.  Saggy gathers are sad Steampunk. 

But still, not a bad try for a late-Winter Sunday. I would love to hear your thoughts--any suggestions for more Steampunky accessories that I could get away with at church?  (The little Mary Poppins fascinator I'm picturing might be just a little much. ; )