Sunday, February 10

Sunday Pseudo-Steam for Feb.10: Mini-Minnie

The eldest Mini-Minnie, in one of our favorite wintery neo-Victorian looks:

Top, skirt, and tights by Hanna Andersson

Shoes by Naturalizer, found on eBay

Jacket by Monsoon, found on eBay

The jacket is not really light blue, as it looks in these photos, but more of a light slate.  A lovely blue-grey velveteen with satiny trim. 

Cute and comfortable and so practical.  I would love dressing my Mini-Minnies in pseudo-Steampunk clothes all the time, because those looks are just so darned adorable.  But even more important to me is my daughters enjoying what they wear--liking the clothes themselves, and feeling the freedom to play and be little girls in whatever they have on. Esp. this one won't be a little girl for too much longer--so this outfit not only manages perfectly to bridge the stylistic gap between girlhood and being a young lady, but is something she can truly be herself in.  And that last is the ideal of my Real World Steampunk wardrobe--whether for myself or my Mini-Minnies.