Saturday, May 17

The photos from my last pseudo-Steampunk photo shoot did not turn out that great, due to overly harsh lighting.  I don't know how to do fancy things with camera filters, but I thought I would at least play a little bit with the free filters available through GIMP, my photo program.

Red blouse by frenchi
black skirt by BCBG
edge-detect filter "Difference of Gaussians"

Kinda neat!  Like an illustration out of a vintage book.  (Don't forget to click on any image if you want to see it larger.) 

Boots by Miz Mooz
edge-detect filter "Sobol"

decor filter "old photo"

earrings by ElainaLouise on Etsy
"colorized" to custom semi-Steampunky hue

desaturated according to luminosity

colors "Retinex"

And the last one is of me, with an unadorned photo--bad lighting, no cropping.  But I wanted you to see the true colors I was wearing.  And show off our neighborhood redwoods.

If you liked any of these filters, let me know!  It was fun to play--otherwise I would likely not have posted these images, and would have waited until cooler weather next Winter to bring out this outfit again.