Monday, June 6

Steampunk Style, for the Lady

So, when I was writing a few posts back trying to give you the bare-bones gist of what Steampunk is, I know I was terribly vague, and my bits of information were incredibly disjointed and mostly abstract.  But that's because Steampunk is a very post-modern genre, and as such means different things to different folks.  Did you notice even the dictionary people had a hard time encapsulating it?  So I'm not going to bother trying to discuss the breadth and depth of it--that's what wikipedia and the internet are for, if anyone is interested!  I'm instead going to be talking about and showing you all the steampunk bits that I like. 

(and you will notice too I appear to be wavering in my capitalization--on purpose!  I'll use Steampunk when I speak of the genre (noun), and steampunk when I use the word to describe things (adjective).  Just in case you all thought I was just being lax!)   

Photo: Skingraft

So when it comes to Steampunk fashions, again, it is almost anything goes.  Remember, this is a realm of historical fantasy,  in which the Edwardian/Victorian past mashes up with modern values and philosophies.  And too there are all the different steampunk styles, based upon the "character" you want to create with your particular look:  is your Steampunk lady a brash adventurer, or even a pirate?  Is she a scientist, either out in the field or in a laboratory?  Is she an Amelia Earhart, or a Rosie the Riveter-type mechanical genius?  Is she a librarian, or a burlesque-dancer?  Is she an Alice in Wonderland fallen down a very different rabbit hole? 

I guarantee whatever the Steampunk lady is, she is not a stay-at-home, wall-flower, intellectual-marshmallow type.

This post is about fantasy fashion that epitomizes Steampunk--in other words, Steampunk eye candy!  I'll post later about how these ideas can translate into everyday street fashion--today, it's pure fantasy.  And don't forget--there's a lot more out there than this.  I am just posting the things I like--I guess MY vision of Steampunk! 

Photo: Donna Ricci

Although I should give a caveat:  I don't necessarily like every bit of every outfit or look I'm posting here.  But in all the images here, there is something I do like very much, whether it be the fabrics, or the cut of the clothes, or one particularly striking piece, or the imagination evident, or the photography. . . you get the idea.  Oh, and I would not necessarily wear all of these myself. . . but that's the fun thing about it--imagining what I would wear!

And if you want to see commercially-available steampunk ensembles, visit The Steampunk Emporium or Clockwork Couture

Photo: Dahlia Rideout in this article

This and the other uncredited photos found here

Photo found here

So much to see. . . such creative play on the genre. . . . Steampunk fashion is so imaginative, witty, wishful, edgy, and so feminine.


  1. Asian chicks make better steampunk models!

  2. I just culled images I liked, and did not pay attention to the ethnicity of the models. If you come back and see this response, I'd love to see examples of the steampunk chics you have in mind!