Friday, October 24

adorable oh-so-Steampunky boot!

Another boot available at a great price on Zulily today:

Brown Chai Boot by Sketchers

And the best thing about this boot: unlike the ones I posted the other day, this one is made of Real Materials--canvas and leather, with what looks like a vintage sole.  I just love realistic textures for Real World Steampunk pieces--the very nature of the materials lend so much to the overall feel of an outfit.

Find them on Zulily through this link, if interested.

Wednesday, October 22

More Steampunk Potential on Zulily

Another Zulily sale today has some boots by a company called Mark & Maddux:

Whiskey Mandrake Bootie

Wine Nancy Boot

Cognac Nikita

Natural Menlow Bootie

Whiskey Burnett

The only downside to these boots--they are all man-made materials.  On the other hand, that's why they are so cheap!  If you want to take a closer look at any of the boots on sale today, visit Zulily here.