Saturday, May 11

Saturday Pseudo-Steam for May 11, 2013

A few weekends ago we had a beautiful burst of hot summery weather out here on the Bay, which was the perfect time to try out one of my newest wardrobe pieces, a pseudo-Steampunk military-esque vest:

Vest/top by Jones Wear Jeans
"Cocoa-nuts" skirt found at Clockwork Couture and tambukiki on eBay
Caterpillar "Marin" boots in "coffee"

 Earrings by ElainaLouise on Etsy

I originally planned to layer the vest over tops, but that warm summery day I got the urge to try it on its own.  I've been pondering and playing with how one might achieve a Real World Steampunk Summer Wardrobe.  Let's face it--all the most effortless steampunky clothing bits are for colder weather, like adorable boots, high-necked coats, and tights.  What does summery Steampunk even look like?

The first thing that comes to my mind is safari. So that's what I decided to play with that Saturday. . .

Shoulder bag by Coach, from all the way back in the early nineties.   I love it that the purse I've had forever is pretty steampunk-compatible.

And did you notice the boots?  Yes, I did try those Caterpillar boots in the different color, and absolutely loved them.  Unlike the dark brown Marin boots, these are beautiful leather, and I enjoy the contrasting leather, esp. the detail at the ankle, which creates interest even with boot-cut jeans. These boots are so comfortable, so well-made.  I highly recommend them!

Sandals by Pikolinos

Just for fun, I tried the same outfit but dressed up with sandals and hair back. 

So, part of the reason I pose and post is because the camera is an excellent mirror, and it is so helpful to see an outfit from a step back, so I can evaluate how the elements are really working.  Or not.

I'm still not sure what I think about this look, either the casual or dressier.  I'm thinking it looks best with the sandals. . . But can my pale, old-lady arms pull off that vest as a top?  I'd be thrilled if anyone wanted to give (kind) feedback in the comments.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Wednesday, May 8

Authentic New Old Suspenders!

There is a seller on eBay selling these beauties as a lot:

Real old-fashioned suspenders, from some old store collection in the Netherlands.

The seller says they are true new vintage, from the 1940's.  Oh, I would love to buy just one pair for my eldest Mini Minnie, whose favorite literary character to dress up as is Dickon, from The Secret Garden, and who has expressed a desire for suspenders.  Too bad they are being sold as a lot. 

If any of you occasional readers happen to own an Etsy store, you should snatch these up!

Oh, wait.  Minnie Zephie owns a currently empty store on Etsy.  (I had visions of steampunky couture for children--but life has not allowed it.)  Hmmmmm.  Maybe this means its time to stock the shelves!