Friday, July 26

Pseudo-Steampunk on Zulily

There are some intriguing items available at the moment through Zulily that have definite Real World Steampunk potential:

This first jacket is just a little too. . . neat.  I would like it so much more if it were distressed.  And I'm not a fan of jackets that don't actually close in the middle--my middle gets cold!  But still--potential.  Because this jacket is so tailored and neat, I think it would be best paired with things with rougher texture and more grungy style--like a dark grey wool above-the-knee peplum skirt, distressed lace tights, tough leather boots with brass buckles.

This jacket is not real leather, so I would not purchase it myself. But for those who prefer "vegan leather" or don't mind the look/feel of synthetics--some very interesting visual elements going on here that could work really well with Real World Steampunk.  This jacket I would pair with an aviator look--can you see it?

by Aziza

This jacket appears, from the description, to be navy.  Of course black or grey would be ideal--but then again, navy looks fabulous with khaki and tan, those Steampunk staples. None of these are all that Neo-Victorian--but they have hints and are playful and I guess my eyes enjoy seeing something a little different, and my mind can see how these pieces could be really fun to work into a RWS wardrobe.  This coat would look good over a long, full skirt--I mean period long and full, with a high-collared, darted-front blouse underneath.  And a jaunty little hat!

Zulily also has some boots I have blogged about previously!

And the same in brown--even more lovely!

And right now there is still even a good size selection--sooooo tempting.

Thursday, July 4

Six Rules of Steampunk Fashion

Just saw this article today, which is not a new piece of writing, but something fun to re-invigorate me into blogging again, after a busy season: The Six Rules of Steampunk Fashion, by Steampunk author G. D. Faulksen.

And along with it, some fabulous Real World Steampunk eyecandy:


Esp. the dashing young man on the far left--I wish he had boots on instead of those. . . um, loafers?  But otherwise I am completely into it.  Thank you, Dolce & Gabbana.