Friday, November 14

More Steampunky Coats

Just sharing a few more lovelies from Ebay this week:

This is a beautiful coat, stylistically speaking--but I don't think it is lined, so might not be warm enough for a true winter coat. Also, the design is very subtly specific--see the skeletal gent in a top hat?  Lovely--but perhaps not the mood I want to convey with the one coat I wear all winter.  The buttons appear cheap, so I can't tell what the workmanship will be either.

Another velvet coat from the same maker, also likely not lined. Lovely all purpose and elegant look, though!

Someone is bidding on this beautiful coat--oh, and I'm tempted to go against her. The open front is my only concern--but as long as I have a neat velvet scarf to tuck inside, I'd be fine.

This one is intriguing--lots of interesting detail and the overall design is lovely. But those buttons--they sure look cheap from here. Same with the belt design on the side. So I have a feeling this might be a piece that looks more faux than I like.

And this one is really interesting. . . .  Can't say the overall effect work for me--a little too costumey. ButI love the overall textures--the vintage gloss of the coat fabric, the creamy dull highlights, the style of the buttons. . . would love to see this in person. Doesn't look like something you would want to wear a lot, however.

And this one--love the dark grey with the copper buttons!  I can't tell if those are real metal buttons, but considering the coat fabric is polyester, I have a feeling those buttons would be so disappointing up close. So sad--this is a lovely style, and if it was in wool I likely would have tried it out!

And so the hunt for a beautiful but practical winter Steampunk coat continues!

Don't forget--if you see any coats to share, please do in the comments.

Monday, November 10

Long Steampunky Coats

The weather is getting cold--well, as cold as it ever gets out here on Monterey Bay.  But cold enough that I realize I need a proper winter coat.  I've been making do with thinner coats, and that's been fine overall, but I either have to layer up underneath or I don't linger outside.  So I've started to look and see what is currently available out there that might be warm enough and add a new element of everyday Steampunk to my wardrobe.

Years ago now I saw and tried on this coat in the Free People store in San Jose:

It was so pretty, so neo-Victorian--and more $ than I am used to spending. But now, after looking for several years for something similar. . . I'm kinda kicking myself that I did not get it.  A combination birthday and Christmas present.  I could have been enjoying it all these years.  Sigh. Well, I've looked on Ebay ever since then, seeing if that coat will come up at a good price.  It did once, in my size, shortly after I had seen it in the store, but the price was still really high, so I didn't jump on it. 

So, now I'm looking for what else is out there that would keep me nice and warm this winter while appeasing my inner Steampunk. Here's some of what I found today with some looking on Ebay:

Long velvet coat by Marvin Richards 

This one might be a little too much on the Goth side for me, and I'm not sure it is actually all that warm. But so pretty!

Same with this one--beautiful coat, but not sure how warm.

A wool coat--maybe even a nice quality wool blend--would be ideal. This is a lovely option.

This and the next two coats are all gorgeous designs--but also smack of cheap Chinese labor, and I would worry about the workmanship.  See the slightly skewed buttons on the coat?  They were like that in all the photos of different coats, all slightly off with one another.  Yes, I know the high-name brands probably have their clothes made in the very same factories--a popular name (Free People, I'm looking at you) is not a guarantee of good workmanship.  But at least when there is a well-known company putting its name on something there is usually much higher quality control.  That's why I look at these inexpensive but highly fashionable items and admire the design--and then just keep on scrolling.

This coat is not heavy enough for me, but it looks like it is constructed like a real coat--and looks like very nice workmanship.  Beautifully and effortlessly Steampunk.

Same with this one--a beautiful, warm coat.  A little too "perky" for what I envision of Steampunk, but definitely compatible with the themes. 

Pretty, but again, not sure how warm.

Pretty, and not at all warm looking. But deliciously fun!

This one looks warm and practical. I would prefer a long coat, but this one is a possiblity. 

A pretty good start. If anyone knows of some good long Steampunky coats I should look at to consider, please share links in the comments.