Friday, November 25

Boots: Post-Apocolyptic Frontier Beauties

On Zulily this morning: gorgeous boots by Lane!

Yes, they all have a definite Western feel--but oh, so wonderfully distressed and dystopian. Most definitely Steampunk compatible.

Sunday, July 24

Steampunk Elegance--Skirts

Looking for Real World Steampunk skirts today on Ebay. Ahh, summer, how you dismay me. How you challenge my every effort to come up with pseudo-Steampunk looks, when my natural fabric, long skirt style options seem to be Bohemian, Period Costume, or Polygamist Wife.


I did find some beautiful and very Steampunk compatible long skirts today--but not necessarily for summer. All are considered "evening" or "formal"--which does not necessarily mean a clever Steampunk could not successfully work them into a lovely and even practical everyday look, but which does mean she will have to take them to the dry cleaners.

Skirt by Marissa Baratelli, found here

Oh, isn't that gorgeous? Reminds me of a parachute silk wedding dress I saw in a museum, which a bride made from the chute that saved her fiancee's life during WWI.  It has a slight industrial feel, so it is pseudo-Steampunky, elegant and modern all at the same time.

By Talbots, found here

The lovely lacy detail on this second skirt is hard to see in this photo, but there are more if you follow the link.

By Calvin Klein, found here

If this is not a stiff, rustly satin, I could see it easily paired in the daytime with a white cotton/linen blouse, something with a faint Victorian feel, maybe a bit sheer with a white cotton camisole hinting through. . . . Too bad the listing does not actually give the fabric content.

By Ann Taylor, found here

Look at the beautiful period-appropriate detail at the hem. Lovely. Too bad the skirt is 100% non-period-appropriate polyester.  A really high quality synthetic might look and move enough like satin to still be beautiful, but no way to tell from photos. Still, it is a skirt with clear steampunk potential.

By Laundry, found here

Another gorgeous faux-satin. But again, the fabric is acetate, which is usually fairly stiff, and might give off that terrible skree, skree, skree synthetic swish as you walk. The look is beautiful, though. 

At least today's looking inspired me to consider "evening" skirts as day wear.  Tell me if you are inspired too!


Monday, July 18

Thursday, March 3

Boots--in Color

I don't know why, but I've been in the mood for color on my feet. Pseudo-Steampunky feet, of course.

My first taste (and Christmas present to myself):

Miz Mooz Evelyn in Red

These are not the most Steampunky boot out there, but something about them made me light up, and as a Christmas splurge it was fun to buy a boot that wasn't quite what I would normally go for. I have a serious distaste for boots that are boring peeking out from under boot-cut jeans (of which I still have at least one pair), and these have that lovely buckle detail that adds interest even with a longer jean. They look amazing with the dark grey skinny jeans I found at a thrift shop, and I've found them to be very cute with leggings and short skirts too.  My main issue with them is not seeming too matchy-matchy when I go out in public, since suddenly this wine seems to be the color of the season and most of my Christmas clothes are this exact color!

In fact, maybe it is the desire to rebel against the matchy that is drawing me to teal today.  Look at what I just found on Zappos:

I love the coppery-tone details, and how they "pop" against the teal.

The styling on these is a little more boring, not quite as pseudo-Steampunk, but I love the glossy color, and the zipper in back is a nice detail.

Another with the cool teal and warm brown tones mixed--seriously love that. These are a little dressier and have a very subtle Victorian feel. I can see these working with skirts really well. And with high-collared neo-Victorian jackets. Of which I have plenty. 

I just might try some of these. My jackets, my boots and my earrings are my favorite parts of my wardrobe.  In fact, those three things are all any Steampunk-at-heart needs to turn a pair of jeans and a t-shirt into a steamy-licious look. 

Thursday, November 19

Steampunky Boots on Zulily

These showed up in my inbox this morning, from Zulily:

Tobacco Santa Fe Extra Wide-Calf Leather Boot by Vestiture

Chocolate Monaco Wide-Calf Boot by Intaglia

Ooooh, I like the "Stone" finish even better!

Cocoa Stockton Wide-Calf Boot by Intaglia

But the best of the lot--look at these beauties!
Olive Guadalupe Leather Boot by Vestiture

They also come in "Cocoa". . .

And black, which I also really like. But the green is the most fabulous!

Brown Kingsville Wide-Calf Leather & Suede Boot by San Jacinto Boot Company

I don't usually see this many excellent Steampunky boots in one place, let alone for such great prices. There were more I didn't show that would fit nicely in a Real World Steampunk Wardrobe--I just showed you the best. 

A nice way to start out the morning!

Sunday, November 8


Found today on Zappos:

See by Chloe Suede + Flat Leather Lace Up Bootie

Monday, November 2

New favorite earrings

It's been a while since I posted, but not for lack of luscious steampunky things in my life.  Case in point--this beautiful pair of earrings:

I've been so pleasantly surprised by how versatile they are--they add a delightful bit of color to my usual darkish and fairly somber wardrobe, and seem to complement almost anything I might put on. Elaina Louise has been my go-to steampunky jeweler on Etsy, and I have yet to be disappointed.