Wednesday, June 22

Accessories for the (Steampunk) Lady: for the Shoulders

I posted last about beautiful and creative ways a woman could get some Neo-Victorian/Steampunkish style to her neck.  The neck is such a great place to add a little style.  Depending upon the item you choose for your neck, it can help you stay warm in the winter while lending you some texture and beauty;  it can instantly and easily give your outfit a touch of class, drama, or whimsy;  it can help you allow you to accessorize while keeping your arms and hands clutter free; it can be easily worn with shirts and jackets you already own.  If I decide to ask for a piece of Steampunk beauty for my wardrobe for a birthday or Christmas gift this year, it will most likely be something for the neck.

But I also love the less practical but just as beautiful shrugs and capelets and little jackets that can give an outfit subtle Steampunk style:

She looks gorgeous. A damsel in a story of love and adventure.  I'll bet she's just about to load up the kids in the Dodge Caravan to drive across town, and drop off the older kids at martial arts while she runs to Costco with the little ones for milk and pizza so there's something to throw on the table for dinner.  Or maybe that's just what love and adventure look like around here most days.

Here are more by the same etsy seller:

I think this is the cutest jacket.  I would so wear it--it would dress up a t-shirt wonderfully.

And it comes in black too, which is a little more child-friendly (although I prefer the rough cut of the edging on the bone jacket, for its nice texture).

This one is dressier, and less practical, and is a little more goth, but still cute--and I like that tank underneath too.

More from other etsy sellers:

I have lost the info for this seller--but so fancy! and steampunky!

cute crop top by hhfashions

That one is a similar jacket, but not photographed as well.  But I really, really like the textured look of the black mesh around the neck and bottom.

short sleeve shrug by decadentdesignz

shrug 003 by pookaqueen

poison black raw sink bolero by maryandangelika

armor bolero by ButterflyOfTelepathy

I am really attracted to that last one--looks so comfortable, and is unusual--and could be so fun to wear. . . but I have a feeling it would terrible on me, hiding my now miniscule bosom but showing off my belly.  Yeah, probably as attractive as it sounds.

That adorable shrug I would totally wear--so cute. But this appears to be by one of the etsy haute couture designers, and laughably expensive ($140).

If I was ever going to spend that much $ on a steampunkish jacket, it had better make me look like this:

madness shrug hoodie by aNGrYGiRLGear

And by that I mean ravishingly strong and sexy.  Except in a slightly more wholesome way.   Like a sexy but righteous-hearted superhero.

Re-imagining yourself.  The heart of Steampunk.

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