Sunday, November 17

Adorable Real-World Steampunk Sweaters, on eBay

by Marc for Marc Jacobs

I am so tempted to bid on this cardigan.  This is effortlessly Steampunk--the kind of thing I have been searching for the past year, so easy to throw on with just about anything this winter, and appropriate for just about anything my day might hold.  The only reason I am hesitating is because it is mostly wool, which I am not sure I want rubbing against my neck.  Don't get me wrong--I LOVE the fact that is it a natural fabric, and not some nasty acrylic.  I am sure the texture looks amazing in person for the wool too.  But I'm one of those wool-sensitive types, and can't even wear mohair or merino against my skin without itching.  Which means I usually wear only cashmere.  And even then, only the softest cashmere.  Yes, I'm that much of a baby.  A baby with highly discriminating taste; and, fortunately, excellent skills hunting down luxurious but affordable cashmere at consignment shops and clearance racks.

So, I'm debating the sweater.  I wonder if I would be happy wearing a silk or cotton scarf around my neck underneath, cravat style?  Or maybe that would be too bulky at the front. . . or would shift around and end up looking messy?

Someone else is bidding on this beauty, so I have a feeling I won't have made up my mind before time is up.  That's why I am posting about it now--so at least I can admire it here, if not in my closet. ; )

by H&M

This one is also totally adorable, and Steampunk without even trying.  For me personally, I don't know--the length is the only issue, and it will fall more like a cropped sweater on me.  That is totally fine, if I would wear it open.  But of course the adorable Steampunky appeal is in the look of the cardigan when fastened closed, and I think that would just end up looking weird on me, long-waisted and middle-aged as I am.  So, I'll leave this find for someone else--but enjoy sharing with you.

 by Zara

This cardigan, on the other hand, looks great open, so the cropped length is not an issue.  I like the tone of the buttons, and the color too.  The fabric is a modern cotton knit, but as long as you were going for a more distressed Steampunky look, it would be fine. 

Also by H&M

This cardigan is more subtle, but so pretty.  The only downside is that it closes with hideous silver-tone snaps, very modern (and cheap looking), so you would have to wear it snapped all the time.  But, that would not be a hindrance if you planned on wearing it that way.

Listed as "Grey Military Marching" cardigan, if you feel the urge to go find it on eBay

Oh, this one is soooooo close to my ideal sweater.  3/4 length sleeves, so I can do anything (namely dishes) without having to take it off.  Grey, my favorite color.  Nice shape and good length. But.  It is a cotton/acrylic blend, which is okay, although if I would prefer natural fibers.  But the whole sweater just looks. . . cheap.  I mean, those buttons.  And the close-up photos of the sweater show that there are flecks of yellow and red and white throughout. Ugh.  So, this is one that I would pass on--so close, but yet so far. 

by Free People

This cardigan is a lovely wool, lined with cotton.  The shape is flattering, and the buttons are cute.  I'm not so crazy about the navy & grey color combination for a pseudo-Steampunk piece, since those usually fall in the preppy zone.  But still, it would be adorable with jeans and lend a very subtle steampunky flair to an everyday outfit.

by Juicy Couture

Here is something completely different--an adorable wool/cashmere blend sweater dress.  In the close-ups the weave of this dress is lovely, and this piece could be so sweet for winter--maybe with a brown striped long sleeved shirt or turtleneck underneath, with thick grey tights and some tall Steampunky boots.  And a velvet ribbon in the hair. 

Do you know of any Steampunky sweaters?  I would love to see them, so please feel free to share links in the comments.

Wednesday, November 6

This one, however. . .

This one has potential!

The buttons are not great, but the good thing about them is they would lay well under a black brocade or ribbed corset!   Then I would gather the sides of the skirt on each side of the front, if possible, OR even better, wear a corset with a built-in bustle skirt in the back to give this shape.  And a black petticoat with a ruffle peeking out underneath!  Then a lacy ascot--white, or grey, or even peacock blue or emerald green!--at the neck, and some complimentary white or black lace at the sleeve cuffs. . . black granny style boots with a little heel. . . and something in the hair with feathers!  Some clever Steampunk girl could really rock this dress.

Sunday, November 3

Neo-Victorian, Yes. . .

. . . the least bit Steampunk compatible, Good Lord no. 

(Unless you have way more imagination than me.  Anyone getting the creative urge to S'punk this look?  Double Dare you!)