Wednesday, March 26

Steampunk Style for the Mini-Minnie, for March 2014

 OK, so you can probably tell by the pumpkins when these photos were really taken, and thus how long I've taken to post them.  It was a very busy Fall around here, which is why I went through a long silent spell there--but now it's Spring, with more time to sit with my tea and indulge my pseudo-Steampunk imagination. 

My middle mini-Minnie
Top and skirt by Hanna Andersson
Tights by GAP

I showed you all this outfit before, on my eldest mini-Minnie, but since then I found these fabulous striped tights, which really heighten the goth/Steampunk hints. Esp. on my own little Wednesday.

The shoes are not necessarily my favorite--oh, how perfect this look would be with short, button-detailed black leather boots.  But for practicality, almost any pair of black leather mary janes like these will work just fine with pseudo-Steampunk.

Just for fun, I decided to play with different looks in our photo-editing program:

I'm going to remember this one for how it makes the subject stand out and lends a slight ghostly feel to the image.

And here's my mini-Minnie in full Gothic glory. 

Now with a little more breathing room in my days for creativity, I would love to see what little Steampunky bits you have been finding online.  Please do share any in the comments below!


  1. I have a version of the Hannah Anderson pieces in Gracie's size - same black velvet with the rows of ruffle, just in a dress instead of skirt and top. I love it!

    And I love her tights!

    She looks so much like you!

  2. I know--Hannah Andersson makes the BEST velvety knits for kids. The pieces pictured above have already been worn by one girl, and the plush looks practically new!