Sunday, February 15

A Sampling of Steampunky Jackets

Well, last night I reached a milestone--while I was browsing and saving things to share here, Ebay alerted me that I had reached my quota of saves. Egad! Time to blog and share the lovelies I've been finding with you.

My main hunt at the moment is for jackets and coats. And ooooooh, this is a great time of year for finding beautiful and oh-so Steampunky things.  This post will serve as a sampling!

First, we have the elegant, more dressy jackets:

Ralph Lauren, bidding ended

Then we have an elegant, military-esque jacket:

And then a wealth of casual pseudo-military jackets:

by H&M

by Cabi

by Apart

by H&M

found here

Then we have all the so feminine riding jackets:

by Cabi

by Zelda

Oh, that last one is just gorgeous. 

And finally, a little jacket that was not quite in any of the above categories, but which I really like, and which I think could be a great addition to a Real World Steampunk wardrobe. Particularly mine. Ahem.

As you can see from this post, Ralph Lauren is a fount of good Pseudo-Steampunk pieces this year, esp. jackets. I'll post more specific to RL later!

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