Thursday, November 19

Steampunky Boots on Zulily

These showed up in my inbox this morning, from Zulily:

Tobacco Santa Fe Extra Wide-Calf Leather Boot by Vestiture

Chocolate Monaco Wide-Calf Boot by Intaglia

Ooooh, I like the "Stone" finish even better!

Cocoa Stockton Wide-Calf Boot by Intaglia

But the best of the lot--look at these beauties!
Olive Guadalupe Leather Boot by Vestiture

They also come in "Cocoa". . .

And black, which I also really like. But the green is the most fabulous!

Brown Kingsville Wide-Calf Leather & Suede Boot by San Jacinto Boot Company

I don't usually see this many excellent Steampunky boots in one place, let alone for such great prices. There were more I didn't show that would fit nicely in a Real World Steampunk Wardrobe--I just showed you the best. 

A nice way to start out the morning!

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