Thursday, March 3

Boots--in Color

I don't know why, but I've been in the mood for color on my feet. Pseudo-Steampunky feet, of course.

My first taste (and Christmas present to myself):

Miz Mooz Evelyn in Red

These are not the most Steampunky boot out there, but something about them made me light up, and as a Christmas splurge it was fun to buy a boot that wasn't quite what I would normally go for. I have a serious distaste for boots that are boring peeking out from under boot-cut jeans (of which I still have at least one pair), and these have that lovely buckle detail that adds interest even with a longer jean. They look amazing with the dark grey skinny jeans I found at a thrift shop, and I've found them to be very cute with leggings and short skirts too.  My main issue with them is not seeming too matchy-matchy when I go out in public, since suddenly this wine seems to be the color of the season and most of my Christmas clothes are this exact color!

In fact, maybe it is the desire to rebel against the matchy that is drawing me to teal today.  Look at what I just found on Zappos:

I love the coppery-tone details, and how they "pop" against the teal.

The styling on these is a little more boring, not quite as pseudo-Steampunk, but I love the glossy color, and the zipper in back is a nice detail.

Another with the cool teal and warm brown tones mixed--seriously love that. These are a little dressier and have a very subtle Victorian feel. I can see these working with skirts really well. And with high-collared neo-Victorian jackets. Of which I have plenty. 

I just might try some of these. My jackets, my boots and my earrings are my favorite parts of my wardrobe.  In fact, those three things are all any Steampunk-at-heart needs to turn a pair of jeans and a t-shirt into a steamy-licious look. 

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