Wednesday, June 22

Accessories for the (Steampunk) Lady: for the Neck Pt 1.--the Warm

I mentioned earlier that I started noticing there was such a thing as steampunk style last year, when I was doing a lot of clothing searches on etsy, trying to find a couple of new clothing pieces for my wardrobe that were made in the US (to try to put my $ back into our own national economy, and support small industry, and to avoid overseas labor abuses).  If you want cool handmade clothes, etsy is the place to go!  A lot of the stuff there is pricey, but a lot of it is what you would expect to pay at the mall at regular price.  So, no great discounts, but at least you know what your money is supporting.

Hold on--all that is WAY too practical of an introduction for what I want to show you today, which is just pure eye-candy;  in this case, gorgeous pieces for the neck.  Ok, some of them are practical, kinda, if you need your neck really warm.  In fact, I found most of them when I was looking at scarves last year.  But I saved them to show you just because they are so cool, and so beautiful.  And they can be Steampunk, or not, depending on what they are put with. 

Have I mentioned that I love texture?  I think this is one of the main reason Steampunk clothes appeal to me--they usually involve a play of textures:  lace worn with metal grommets, leather and buckles with velvet and brocade, satin with canvas and brass.  In my own wardrobe I have always loved contrasting (yet complimentary) textures, like black velvet against blue denim, nubby wool with wide grograin ribbon.  But thinking about my warbrobe nowadays, it is mainly practical denim and cotton knit--not much texture at all.  I think that is why I was so attracted to this collection of accessories on etsy--the knitted and knotted and felted and beaded stuff--I miss the subtle play of textures in my clothes.

Of course, the best part about that is it will be so easy to add a little bit of texture AND steampunk style to my wardrobe with just a few select pieces!  Hmmmmmmm, I do have a birthday coming up. . . .

Crochet Pretty Flower Neckwarmer by FuzzyLumpkinCrochet

Braided Crochet Neckwarmer by FuzzyLumpkinCrochet

Fiesta Stole by Ellita

Ok, so some of these are pretty dramatic, and I would not be brave enough to wear them. But boy, are they striking. And so, so beautiful, each in their own way.

leaf scarf by deniz03

comfort me with roses necklet by mermaidencreations

But I would wear several of these, including this last one--too bad California does not get cold enough.

gray black boucle capelet by knitsomestudio

And there is so, so much more I am sure I could find on etsy, the treasure-trove of handmade goodness.  But I am just posting the things I have come upon, and try to restrain myself from window shopping for hours and hours, as I am sure someone could easily do.

On the other hand, sitting down to browse with my afternoon cup of tea for a "few minutes" seems perfectly reasonable. . . .

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