Wednesday, June 22

Accessories for the (Steampunk) Lady: for the Neck Pt 2.--the Delicate

As I made that last Steampunk fashion post, I realized there were just too many fun bits I have gathered over the past 6 months for one post.  

So here is Part 2!  Steampunk jewelry for the neck--the usual necklaces and chokers, but with Steampunk icons, or ideas, or materials:

Skeleton key necklace by GwenDelicious

oval keyhole pendant by GwenDelicious

fly away pendant by MisfitGirl

upcycled necktie maria necklace by lilian asterfield

For some reason I absolutely love that last one.  I would wear that necklace with that exact top and shrug in a heartbeat.  If I could afford it, which I can't.  So I'll just enjoy looking, and mentally stick the idea away for sometime when I have the urge to get creative with old men's ties!

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