Saturday, March 24

Gorgeous Steampunk Earrings!

Thanks to Jen's Saturday Steam post today at Epbot, I found a new favorite etsy seller:

These and all the following beauties are by Elaina Louise Studios.

These are the earrings Jen featured--adorable, elegant, whimsical, and one of the most effortlessly Steampunk styles I have ever seen.  Usually the harder a jeweler has to work to make a particular piece "steampunk," the less likely I am to like it.  The most perfect Steampunk pieces are those that are the most logical in design, and have an almost organic nature to their construction.

That does not mean Steampunk can't be fancy (that's for another post!); I'm trying to describe an aesthetic that my eyes quite easily catch, but my tongue does not seem to have the right words for.  My favorite Steampunk pieces are subtle, but ingenious--like the genre itself--and simple or fancy doesn't matter as much as a certain rightness. . . . And if I can't describe it, at least I can show you what I mean:

Vaguely reminiscent of industrial bronze lanterns, with a little hint of an iridescent coppery patina--a gorgeous, subtly Steampunk accessory. 

Some of my favorite pieces by this artist are more blatantly Steampunk--but the beauty of the angular copper cogs juxtaposed with the antique shape and sheen of the beads is just so beautiful.  Earrings like this are simple enough to add a little Steam style to T-shirts and jackets, and yet elegant enough to be worn with dresser ensembles:

These last copper-hued earrings are a little Steampunk-Modern--a pairing that is harder to bring together, aesthetically, but this set demonstrates it can be done with grace.  

Of course, the root of Steampunk is Victorian, so any neo-Victorian earring will do--but only certain combinations of color and shape can make me swoon:

The copper and aubergine together are simply gorgeous!   

All of the earrings on this page I would buy in a heartbeat!  It's a good thing I have so much restraint. . . . 

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  1. Thank you Minnie for writing such lovely things about my jewelry in your blog. Despite your claim of not having the words, you've captured my intent pefectly.

    Elaina Louise Studios