Friday, March 9

more steampunk-y boots, from 6pm

So, when I started my last post on steampunk boots, I was only reporting what I found and liked from one site, Zappo's.  (And I don't get any kick-back from anybody for sharing such a collection with you all--I'm just doing it because it is fun to do it.)  So I decided to hop over to Zappo's sister site, 6pm, to see what was there to be found in the same genre.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a good selection--I would say even too many brown leather/straps/brass buckle boots, if you can believe that. My eyes started to glaze over, and I started to only save images of those that were in some way aesthetically outstanding.  So, as with the first post, I am not saying I like all these boots, but there is something to each of them that I do like very much, some juxtaposition of texture and trim, or some bit of imaginative design.  These boots all appeal to my eye, in some way, and that is all that it takes to get a spot on this blog.

Like these first boots, which have a nice placement of straps/buckles, and which are a nice shade of brown. With a little farmer/ranch feel, these would work well for the Steampunk Adventurer.  Or a Steampunk Pioneer!  (Little Dirgible Over the Prairie. . . now I can't wait to start looking for that mash-up on the web!)

I just love the antique feel of the leather texture and the appropriated men's look of the foot.  Not really Steampunk, but--like many of the boots I feature here--could be, with the right clothes and accessories.

Another fun twist on the gentlemen's shoes--spats!  The velvety texture adds a very feminine, elegant edge, and I really like the patterned fabric (elastic, I assume) on the back.  Very appropriate for an evening/dressy event.  If not paired with a long skirt ensemble they would have a goth/punk feel.

The toe design on these is a little too modern for my tastes, but I love the cut around the ankle and the brass buttons!

Here's the perfect boot for the Steampunk cowgirl!

Betsey Johnson really has a thing for ruffles on boots (see my last boot post), and I still can't decide if I really like it or loathe it.  I definitely find it creative and intriguing, two adjectives most Steampunk gals would love to work into their wardrobes, so the element has potential.

This one I shared because it is so utterly fascinating in its hideousness.  It can also be considered as proof that Steampunk style is starting to be noticed by designers, who want to work its aesthetics into their own lines for greater "relevancy" and therefore profit.  Good luck with them on that last part.  BUT, if you ever want a vaguely Victorian hi-top sneaker boot. . . well, here you go.

Another basic but stylistically versatile boot. I do like the more rounded toe on these.

Not my favorite, but a good option for a basic SP boot.

These, on the other hand, are basic, versatile, and sexy.

These, and some of the following styles, would be for your Steampunk biker gal. (Anyone seen that mash-up yet?)

Why does this pair remind me of something Princess Leia might have worn during her run-ins with the Ewoks on Endor?  Still, I can see steampunk potential.

I like the two sizes of buckles and the glossy leather.  Still more equestrian than anything else, but subtle enough to work with a steampunk ensemble.

Oooooh, these boots are sweet.  A little bit Victorian, a whole lot of vixen.  Elegant and stylish--my favorite of the bunch!

I started this second boot post a loooooooooong time ago, so don't remember now what else was there at 6pm that I am now forgetting.  But at least this is a glimpse of some interesting options for anyone like me sizing up potentially Steampunk boots!


  1. Nice ones. I did a similar post some months back on my blog at -- most of those shoes are probably out of season now.

    However, it was funny what happened. One of the pairs of shoes I posted I particularly liked and considered buying. Then one day my sister came home and was wearing those same shoes; she'd bought on impulse (and she is not steampunk at all.) This was when I knew steampunk was going mainstream.

    I think it was abut 2 weeks later the notorious Justin Bieber steampunk video came out.

  2. Yes, it is definitely much more mainstream. . . just enough for people to butcher it, of course, and not to really get it. (Re: the Bieber video, not your sister!) BUT I am sad that SP is not mainstream enough for me to find SP clothes for my daughter--REAL clothes that you can wear around, school, etc. There's just nothing out there. . . The Minnie Zephie boutique on etsy is getting much more serious in my head. : )

    Thanks for leaving your blog!