Tuesday, April 24

And Once Again, Boots!

Some of you might be very tired of seeing boots here, especially as the weather is turning so beautiful and summery all over the country, and you are all psychologically--if not physically--packing up your wintery-weather gear.  But there's a very good reason to be thinking of boots right now--excellent end-of-the-season sales!

I have been looking off and on for my ideal pair of boots this whole winter.  But, since "winter" out here in California means rain--and we have not even had much of that this year--I managed to make do with regular shoes this year.  But just a few weeks ago, I found my ultimate pair of Steampunk dress boots!  And because I am such a tease, I'm not going to share them just yet.  Actually, it's because I am having a hard time finding them online--but when I finish researching them and show them off, you are going to like them!

In the meantime, as I have been doing more research into the availability of my new dream boot, I have been finding lots of other excellent boots at great prices.  Of course, I have to share.

So, once again, a selection of boots from 6pm.  All have steampunk potential.  All have something about them I like.  All are deeply discounted.  This time I am going the lazy route, and am not linking the individual boot styles--if you like them, just cut and paste the name into the 6pm search box!

Steve Madden Troopa

Clarks Media Blitz

Kickers Groovy

Naturalizer Dinka (Regular Shaft)

Indigo by Clarks Cedar Street

Bernardo Effie Vintage Brushed

ECCO Laurel

Fitzwell Avril Boot

There are lots more great boots at good prices out there right now.  If you have a pair you found online and love, please share them in the comments!

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