Monday, July 23

how *not* to make a Steampunk boot

All I can say is. . . ew. 

It's brown leather, and has buckles and straps and grommets.  And yet, it just makes me cringe.  I think the issue is three-fold:  first, the lace style looks like it belongs on a hiking boot; second, that heel is just hideous; third, a different toe might have still pulled it all together, but this blandly contoured, uber-conservative toe does just the oppostive.  I'm all for stylistic mash-ups and playful, creative design--but the various elements of any shoe have to work together overall, and these do not at all.  It's not just that I don't like the heel, or the toe--none of the elements work together.  Even that terrible "steampunk" hi-top-sneaker-boot in my last post demonstrates cohesion--it's clear the designer had a vision and ran with it.  These. . . it looks like the designer saw what else was out there and wanted to make his own Steampunk book, but was told by his superior to go with the latest hot heel trend but yet keep it "sensible." Bleah.

Don't get me wrong--normally I'm a Madden fan (one of the best sources for vintage-esque heels out there), but these were one of the few truly terrible Steampunky boots out there.

Anyone disagree?

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