Sunday, April 7

In Which Minnie Zephie Sees Something New

Because you know steampunky boots are never far from my mind.  Yes, I've been doing more boot searches, to wonderfully satisfying end.  I have more to show you, but these had to come first--the most original boot design I have seen yet this whole winter, and you know I've looked at a lot of boots!  Successful design is a tricky thing, and often the very nuances of shape, texture, embellishment that make a boot unusual are also what make it so unattractive to me.  This fascinating jumble of design elements work together--I can't even explain exactly why they work, just know that if they didn't, I would be able to explain to you what went wrong.  In particular I enjoy the brass metal choice on this green leather--somehow the brass and heel choice keep the overall boot well out of the "elven" category.  And normally I don't care for zippers on Steampunky boots, but with the laces in front, the zipper in back adds a punk edge but does not detract from the period-appropriate feel.

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