Monday, April 22

Sunday Pseudo-Steam for April 21, 2013

Skirt by Onanya, on Etsy
Jacket by GAP
"Tahra" boots by LaCanadienne
Earrings by Elaina Louise, on Etsy

After months of screen-shopping on eBay, hunting for whatever neo-Victorian treasures might be found there, I have finally begun to be tempted to buy.  One of my new acquisitions--the lightweight corduroy jacket I wore today--was an initial disappointment.  The jacket was listed as "pink," and it does look pink in photos--but when it arrived, I found it is actually icy lavender.  I never would have knowingly purchased anything in icy lavender, even at the super low price at which I snagged this jacket.

And yet, it grew on me quickly, and now that quirky color is now one of the reasons I like it so much.  Those of you who have been reading for a while might remember some of the pale pastel jackets I have posted previously;  there is something about that particular juxtaposition of steampunky style and so-not-steampunky colors.  It's unexpected.  Fresh.  Playful.  And besides, those pale pastels look amazing with the rest of the colors in the "traditional" Steampunk palette.

Look at the adorable lines on the back of this jacket!  And the little peplum detail!

Here I was trying to show how those fabulous earrings echo the shape and metal tone of all those tiny, functional metal buttons.  And the aubergine in the earrings' drop bead complements the purple undertone of the jacket, but warms it. 

gratuitous beauty shot of those fabulous earrings

"Cocoa-nuts" skirt, found at Clockwork Couture, and tambukiki on eBay

My Dear Husband photographer was patient while I tried the look with two different skirts.  Both work, but I like the darker brown gathered skirt best.

So now I have a second dressy pseudo-Steampunk look that I really like--and best of all, it is in colors that are perfect for the transition between winter and spring. 


  1. I see you have the Tahra boots by La Canadienne. How do you find them? I am looking to purchase a pair myself.

  2. Hi Ashley! I love these boots, and you are in luck--they are now so easy to get. You can look around the web if you want to get the best price, but even at the end of the season last year I didn't get them any cheaper. So the place I would go first would be, where at least you get free shipping and easy returns if you need. And if you use the link I've given here (which goes straight to the boots in question), amazon will give a tiny percentage of your purchase to a mom I know who has a daughter with special needs, to help pay for her treatment. : )

  3. I'm so glad you like the earrings! They look fantastic with that outfit and I love that jacket! You really pulled off the Spring steampunk look. I did a "Steampunk in the Spring" treasury last month. You can see it here on my Facebook page.
    Thank you for featuring my earrings.

  4. I love your earrings, Lisa--still some of the most beautiful and subtly Steampunk I've found on Etsy. : ) Thanks for the link--I'll check it out.

  5. I appreciate the beauty and simplicity of your steampunk clothing. Your styles based on the idea that is more genuine and creative.