Wednesday, May 8

Authentic New Old Suspenders!

There is a seller on eBay selling these beauties as a lot:

Real old-fashioned suspenders, from some old store collection in the Netherlands.

The seller says they are true new vintage, from the 1940's.  Oh, I would love to buy just one pair for my eldest Mini Minnie, whose favorite literary character to dress up as is Dickon, from The Secret Garden, and who has expressed a desire for suspenders.  Too bad they are being sold as a lot. 

If any of you occasional readers happen to own an Etsy store, you should snatch these up!

Oh, wait.  Minnie Zephie owns a currently empty store on Etsy.  (I had visions of steampunky couture for children--but life has not allowed it.)  Hmmmmm.  Maybe this means its time to stock the shelves!

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