Sunday, February 9

Sunday Pseudo-Steam, Feb. 2014

Yes, recently I've been having too many Real World Steampunk Wardrobe near-misses, instead of hits.  But still, I'm getting enough hits to keep me content, and besides--the fun is in the trying.  This ensemble is one of the hits;  it's nothing special, but it makes me happy when I wear it, and I received several compliments at church on the outfit, which is usually a sign I'm pulling it off.

Not sure if I'm pulling off this pose nearly as well, but again--the fun is in the trying.  Now for a more respectable pose, befitting a woman of my age and social standing:

Jacket from Sickonineteen, on Ebay
British Top by Three Dots
Skirt by Garnet Hill

Oh, how I wish I had a black corset belt to wear with this outfit--it seems in the photos like there is something missing there in the middle.  But until I do find a black corset belt I like, I can still wear the outfit as-is.

Black lantern earrings by Elaine Louise, on Etsy
Copper & wood hair sticks by Lilla Rose

Gratuitous beauty shot of the earrings. The glass beads are actually red, but they look black when not in direct sunlight.  That effect, combined with that verdigris-like texture on the unpolished bits, gives such a lovely goth feel to them.

Tights. . .possibly GAP
Mate boot by Kelsi Dagger

Do you have any favorite pseudo-Steampunk clothing bits to show me, on Pinterest or Etsy or anywhere else?  I always love to see your finds!


  1. I am assuming you have been here...I found it through Will Wheaton's tumblr.

  2. Yes, Susan, I do know that shop! Thanks for wanting to make sure. : )