Monday, February 3

Steampunky Steve Madden, on Ebay Today

True to my previous boot post, I am keeping my eye on Ebay at the moment, looking to see if a pair of Perrins comes up in my size.  I have realized this one gap in my wardrobe--a casual, fairly flat soled, neutral colored, probably black, tall leather boot--is keeping me from wearing some things I would very much like to be wearing this winter.  Finding a good boot will help me make the most of the clothes in my meager closet; so much as I hate to buy one more pair of boots, it seems the only logical thing to do.

(I know. I sound all facetious, like I'm giggling while I bemoan needing to buy another pair of boots. And I am, kinda.  But if you saw the size of my closet--heck, the size of my house--you would understand that I am also being serious.  The boots I bought last winter are being used and enjoyed--worth buying!--but they are also taking up a lot of precious real-estate in there. And since the space is too small to accommodate organizers, the boots end up being a jumbled mess as well, usually necessitating me pulling out the whole lot just to find the mate of the one I want.  Oh, my first world problems!  And speaking of which, I also feel guilty, having several pairs of boots now, when there are so many other more worthy uses of the $.  So, all this to say, buying a pair of boots is in now way a flippant decision for me.  And yet, with all this in mind, I still want that pair of boots. ; )

And as always, if I see Steampunk compatible boots, I'm going to share them with you.  So here's what I found today in my size on Ebay, by Steve Madden:

Grripp, found here

As far as I can tell from the photo, a lovely texture to the leather.  I also really like the brownish/steel grey color--but who knows if that is true to the boot in person.  The laces up the back are a nice detail, and subtly suggest  the laces of a corset.

Lynet, found here

These are a little more punk, but I really like the military hints on these boots, and that blue and silver stripe made by the zipper.

Streeet, found here

I've now seen several of this style of riding boot--like a man's shoe on the bottom and not laced all the way up the front.  I like the additional buckles on this pair.

Cameronn, found here

A nice play on the prairie boot. I esp. like the two tones of leather together (with the contrast stitching) and the leather laces.

Elivate, found here

I don't know why everyone persists in calling such things "boots"--functionally these are stiletto heels, no getting around it.  But they are also Victorian versions, and so even if I would never, ever wear them, I like them.

Belman, found here

Just the right amount of buckles, and in a nice medium shade of brown too.

I tried to only post boots that I have not already featured previously, and also only the real leather ones. You have to be careful with Steve Madden--he has a higher and lower tier of boots, and the latter are usually synthetic, so if you want real leather you have to read the descriptions carefully.

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