Friday, January 16

More Steampunk Potential--Boots on Zulily

Looking around Zulily the other day, I realized there were many more real leather boots with steampunk potential on that site than I had realized. Of course, it is a clearance site, so sizes are very limited, and unfortunately the clearance prices mean no returns--but still worth checking out!

This boot does not thrill me--the "laces" are just a tad too clunky, as is the heel--but I really like the subtle button texture and the curve at the top of the boot.

The laces at the back of this boot are quite wide--they cover the entire heel--but that's an unusual touch that lends to a corset-lacing feel to this boot.

This boot is many things--part lumberjack, part mod. . . the more I look at it the more it defies pithy description.  But there's something about its hodge-podge style that reminds me a little of a Tim Burton movie--or Firefly, perhaps.  It's unique, and that is plenty of fodder for a steamPUNK look. And these boots are made by a reputable company--full grain leather and waterproof too!  I have a feeling these boots would be awesome in person.

Oh, to be a size 6 or 6.5--the two sizes in which this boot is still available. Because OH the steampunkiness!  And these beauties are real leather--almost unheard-of in over-the-knee boots!  So, so cute.

Another very classy and very versatile steampunky style. Also available in cognac brown--but, like the black, in very limited sizes.

I do not normally go for any boots that have large chunks of leather missing, for "style."  But these caught my eye because the missing chunk does not extend down to the heel--thus rendering them completely unpractical as boots--and so they remain wearable as boots, while the design emphasizes the strappy nature of the top.  Leather straps + brass buckles = very nicely Steampunk.

Completely adorable "hobo" style laced boot. And again, all these I'm mentioning are real leather.  I have a feeling this is one of those boots that would look even better as it is broken in to the foot.

The heel of this boot is not at all my favorite--but that is an adorable textured cuff!  And the color is perfection--I can see this really working with Steampunk pieces.

This boot speaks for itself. My favorite part is the subtle stitching on the heel and toe. Well, and the over all shape. So feminine!

Basically the same boot in black--same shape, same feel, same stitching on the heel back, but with some subtle differences in the toe design and leather. Another boot that would likely look even better as it was broken in! 

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