Tuesday, January 13

Steampunky Merrell Boots!

Zulily has a great sale on Merrell boots going on right now--with a couple of totally adorable and very Real World Steampunk boots:

What an amazing boot.  You can find this boot in black and in a distressed brown elsewhere on the internet, but neither one thrills me. But this version, with those creamy tones of leather against the brass hardware--so so steampunky.

There are two other versions of this boot that are also quite Steampunk compatible, also a part of the Zulily sale:

This second boot in the line is a little bit more Western in feel, but still so versatile.

And then there's this intriguing shoe variant:

This one is a design oddity--somehow the shape of the shoe combined with the "cuff" front and brass hardware here looks much less gaiter and much more Pilgrim.  I still like it, though--any clothing article that catches the eye with its nod to olden-time shapes, materials, textures and colors is a fine start for a steampunky look!

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