Sunday, September 30

Sunday Pseudo-Steam for Sept. 30, 2012

After I posted my first "Sunday Pseudo-Steam" look last week, I realized it must have looked very boring to those of you who love Steampunk for its gear and gadgetry and textural complexity.  I should have explained that my Real World Steampunk wardrobe is in its very beginning stages, and I am just now getting enough neo-Victorian pieces to actually start putting them together into looks.  So you might look at these photos and think, Minnie Zephie has no clue how to make a Real World Steampunk wardrobe.  Her clothes are barely Victorian, let alone Steampunk.  Where are the iconic style elements like goggles and gears and grommets and brass and buckles and belts and holsters and tiny hats perched jauntily?  

I would answer in return:
A. You realize I did at least put some gears on it and call it Steampunk. 
B. Even if I did own cool Steampunk goggles, I would not wear them to church. But it will be fun to find Steampunk accessories I can.
C. These images, unexciting as they might be, represent the personal triumph of months of searching and dreaming about my eventual Real World Steampunk wardrobe.  
D. I think these looks are boring and not Steamy enough too.  But have patience with me, because I am only just beginning!  

As I add more specifically Steampunk (as opposed to plain old neo-Victorian) elements to my wardrobe, I'll be anxious to add them to these looks and share them with you.  But in the meantime, just know that I fully realize these are stylistically bare looks--but I'll still share them, for those will enjoy seeing the wardrobe as it develops.

So, here was my pseudo-Steampunk look for today:

GAP Jeans (after looking at me in these jeans in all these pics, though, they are not my favorite!)
Pikolinos Moraira sandals
Jacket by Ann Taylor/LOFT

Couldn't get a good picture of the earrings, but they are these, from Elaine Louise Studios on Etsy:

I realized after we took all of last week's photos that I should have made sure to get a pic of what I was wearing underneath the jacket.  So, here is the blouse I was wearing today, by Odille. 

So, there you have it.  My second Pseudo-Steampunk Sunday look.  I can see in the future adding aubergine sheer striped tights and a knee-length skirt with ruffles to suggest a bustle, with my new Victorianesque brown leather knee calf-high boots.  We'll just have to wait and see what I can rustle up from eBay and Etsy!

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