Sunday, October 7

Sunday Pseudo-Steam for Oct. 7, 2012: Mini-Minnie

Blouse by George
Skirt by Oilily

Today's Sunday Pseudo-Steam features my eldest daughter, who also loves the Steampunk aesthetic, and who provides me with more outlet for my Real World Steampunk Wardrobe hunting--Mini-Minnie style.  She is 11 and shooting up like a reed, which means she is outgrowing all her clothes, which necessitates Mommy going shopping for her.  Well, if I must shop for my daughter, of course I'm going to see if I can find comfortable, practical neo-Victorian pieces.

I'm finding it is even harder to find neo-Victorian pieces for older girls than it is for women, which is a shame because girls are just so sweet in them.  I think eldest daughter looks just the right amount of grown-up and girlish at the same time.  This is another outfit that is just beginning; can you see it this fall with bone striped tights and black granny boots and a big bow in her hair?  The Victorian-esque aspect is coming along nicely; how to make such clothes Steampunk without making them look costumey, or forced is another matter.  I think for kids, the color palate becomes so much more important, if you want the look to be the least bit Steampunk.  If this same blouse and skirt were, say, copper and dark grey, it would immediately suggest Steampunk.  If I find pieces like that, I'll buy them!  But so far, my online options (well, that don't cost an arm and a leg) have been limited.  Please let me know in the comments if you have sources for kids' Steampunk clothing--that is actually clothing, and not costumes.

I'll also welcome suggestions for what accessories/elements can be worked into a girl's Steampunk wardrobe without them looking too adult, too outlandish, too pretentious, too pretend-ish.

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