Wednesday, January 15

In Which Minnie Zephie Finds Herself Chagrined

It's been a while since I posted here--too much other life happening, and not enough Steampunk in my life to write about!  The latter I hope to remedy this year. But tonight, I am prompted to make a quick post because of some beautiful bits of pseudo-Steampunkery I cannot believe I somehow missed:

the Steve Madden Perrin boot

The most Real World Steampunky black leather lace-up boot I have seen all year!  Look at the height on this boot, and the sweeping lines, but how it still keeps from leaning too far on the piratey end.  Look at the coppery-toned grommets!  Look at the vintage menswear cut of the toe and the material of the sole and heel!  What is not to love?!

But alas, this boot has just broken my heart. Because somehow, I missed it.  The boot is nowhere to be found in my size tonight--at least with my cursory searching.  This boot did not exist last Spring when I was scouring the web for such delights--it must be a new boot for the Fall or Winter.  But it is so gorgeous, I guess it sold out everywhere.  (wah waaaaah)

Why was I looking for boots again today?  Because I have come to realize that I need a casual pair of tall black boots--there are just too many things in my closet that I'm not reaching for because I don't have any footwear that looks with with them.  These boots--these boots--would have been so perfect.

side view--ahhhhhhh, shape, and the zipper detail!!!

If that was not bad enough, I found another pair tonight, also by Steve Madden, that is equally as unique and Steam-worthy:

Steve Madden Miidori

I love buckles. But I am really picky about size, shape, placement, finish, etc. I have never seen this particular combination on a boot, and it really works, esp, in this lovely ruddy leather.  And again, these seem to be almost impossible to find already, even though they must be new this Winter.

(Except believe it or not, I just checked eBay, and found my size of the Miidori.  Except, I'm not actually sure if they are my size or not--oh, the pain!  Do I buy boots I am not sure will fit?  Wisdom says no--but the so far bidding rate of $30 whispers take a chance!)

I've learned my lesson:  never stop looking for Steampunky boots.  One never knows what wonderful boots might yet be found.

Do any of you have any favorite Steampunky boots to share?  I'd love to know what else I might have been missing!

*UPDATE: Further searching revealed the answer to why I had not seen either boot before. The Perrin was out in 2010, and the Miidori must also be an older style. Why they suddenly showed up in my searches this past week and not last year when I was much more thoroughly scouring the web, I don't know. But the good news about this is that now I know to keep my eyes out on Ebay for them!

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