Thursday, January 16

Steampunky Boots by Matisse--Until 1/21/14

Zulily's current deals include a couple of excellent pseudo-Steampunk boots:

Matisse Saddle Blakely, regularly $247, available through Zulily for $105.

Matisse Outlawed, regularly $248, available through Zulily for $70

The discount on this last boot is unreal.  Seventy dollars, new.  There are no returns at Zulily, so make sure of your size before you order--and customer reviews at other sites seem to recommend ordering a half-size up from your normal show size.  But if you have tried on Matisse boots before and are pretty sure this will work for you, then you can't beat the price.

Use this link to sign up for Zulily (it's free) if you never have before.  If you order anything through the link, I think I might get a kick back. : )

I also found this other pair of potential Real-World Steampunk boots, by a brand called Vestiture:

Chocolate Zeila Extra Wide Calf Buckle Boot by Vestiture, regularly $110, available through Zulily for $45.

That pair above is not real leather, however--normally I only show you real leather boots, because that is what I am personally shopping for, but these do look pretty nice for faux (as best I can tell in the photo) and they are supposedly wide calf, which is a real bonus for some of us.

I don't care for most of the clothes on Zulily, but when they do have something I like it is at a fantastic price, so well worth keeping an eye on.

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