Sunday, January 19

More Military Cardigans

Cardigans are one of my favorite wardrobe staples--comfortable, practical, so easy for layering during transitional seasons, and so warm for winter. I had several cardigans I wore pretty much non-stop for years, and just this winter retired, because they had grown pretty baggy and worn.  If they were my favorite cozy sweaters, they might still be worth keeping just for around the house; and yet, I am getting of an age where it's too easy to feel frumpy, so even around the house I would prefer to wear only things that make me feel good.

Of course, anytime I need something new in my closet, I always first check to see if I can find it the least bit Real World Steampunk!  Pseudo-Steampunk to enliven an otherwise boring jeans outfit--perfect.

Here are some things I saw on Ebay today:

by Free People, found here

I love the texture, color, buttons and angled front.  Not so crazy about where the sweater would fall on my own midriff, but it would still work over a tunic dress and tights.  The overall look would not be neo-Victorian, but would be cute, and a nod towards Real World Steampunk if paired with steampunky accessories and tall boots.

by Rubbish, for Nordstrom, found here

Again, just a basic little sweater for layering.  This is the kind of thing that would be useful when you are going to be wearing jeans but want to have a vaguely steampunky vibe otherwise.  I can see this with a brown and white skinny stripe top over dark denim or brown skinny jeans, with steampunky tall boots.

by Love Culture, found here

The sweatshirt fabric of this one is not ideal, but again--a fine choice for an otherwise boring jeans day.

 Marc by Marc Jacobs, found here

I featured this one in the last cardigan post, in a mossy brown.  The same sweater in black is much more formal, and would look equally good with jeans or skirts.

by Free People, found here

Now, if you are like me and would prefer to wear tops and cardigans that de-emphasize hips when in skinny jeans, this is a nice option.  I'm not crazy about the neckline, however, which is a little too slumpy--a more fitted or stand-up collar like most of the previous cardigans have would not only be more flattering, but more neo-Victorian.

by Leifsdottir, found here

This one has a lovely drape--which is, alas, quite modern in look.  However, I love the ruffly millitary-esque detail down the front, so feminine and a little edgy.  This one too would look really good with skinny jeans over a tunic-length top.

by Bravo New York, found here

Oooooooh, so lovely!  What a flattering, ultra-feminine shape--I almost can't believe it is a sweater and not a jacket.  And it is a beautiful shade of brown, and is cashmere to boot! This one would look great with jeans and really dress them up, but I would like it best with a long skirt in some kind of stripe pattern, with little black granny boots peeking out underneath.

by Roz & Ali, bidding ended

Talk about ultra-feminine!  This is so over-the-top luxe, and so darn pretty.  I am not a fan of faux fur, but this is the way to do it--the color and texture really work well together. This would be so flattering on the right woman, and could be worn with all manner of clothes, from jeans to long Victorian style skirts, to knee-length knit dresses, and could be dressed up or worn casually. So fun!  The right woman could really play up the punk in this cardigan too--if she swapped out the buttons for something dark metal toned.

If you have a favorite cardigan that would work in a Real World Steampunk Wardrobe, please do share in the comments!   This was a fun, quick search today, but so far nothing perfect for my own wardrobe.  I always welcome your ideas!

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