Wednesday, October 24

Real-World Steampunk Style: Winter Boots to Beat the Elements

So, as I shared in my last "Pseudo-Steampunk Sunday" post, late last Spring I finally found my perfect pair of Steampunk dress boots:

Here in California, winter means rain.  This means I really wanted at least one pair of dressy boots (i.e. look great with skirts) that were waterproof.  When I saw these in a little shop downtown I fell instantly in love--but they did not have my size, and could not order more since it was the end of the season.  I immediately scoured the internet, and after much searching found *one* other pair, in a little mom and pop store, in my size, in this lovely chocolate brown.  I felt the thrill of a successful hunt, and elation at finally finding one pair of practical, totally neo-Victorian dress boots.  I eagerly anticipated the turning of the seasons once more, when I could pull them out and finally wear them.

Of course now that cooler weather is upon us once more, you can find these boots everywhere, even on Amazon!  I'm glad I did not gamble on them being available this year; you never know what styles are going to be discontinued.  But I am so glad for all of you too, since how you have the option of finding them, if you need such a boot in your Steampunk wardrobe. 

I am also so glad that my research familiarized me with the brand La Canadienne. Not only are they beautifully made, quality boots, most of their styles are waterproof leather, and many of them are Steampunk compatible!  

Tahra in black

This boot is very similar to Tahra, but is a little more modern/neutral/subtle in the detailing.  (Be sure to click on the images to see them larger, for best detail comparison.) So this is an excellent choice if you want a boot that is vaguely Victorian, so it is compatible with your Steampunk ensembles, but also want it to be as flexible as possible in working well with other styles. 

A basic granny-boot style, but with a good heel for slippery sidewalks.

A basic riding boot is almost always good for Steampunk, esp. if it has nice buckle detailing.

I do not at all like the heel on this boot, but do like the detail at the top.  I can see this working well with Steampunk, despite the heel.

Rimes in the "black neptune leather"

Too bad the lovely little ankle detail on this boot is not brass--that would be ideal.

What an elegant boot!

You can even find a great selection of La Canadienne boots on eBay, sometimes NIB with excellent discounts!  All the following are what I found on eBay today, in various sizes:

found here

found here

found here

found here

found here

All of these boots are real leather, should be waterproof, and are perfectly compatible with a Real-World Steampunk wardrobe.

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