Sunday, October 14

Sunday Pseudo-Steam for Oct. 14, 2012

~ Pikolinos "Moraira" sandals
~ Clockwork Couture "Cocoa-nuts" skirt
~ blouse by The Limited
~ belt I've had forever
~ earrings from Trade As One

Okay, so the earrings are not very Steampunk.  But I really like them with this ensemble anyway--in my mind's eye, they complement the hint of jungle adventuress I am going for with this look.  

I'm not happy with the way this blouse fits my chest; alas, the darted breast contours just don't suit my own shape.  I might break down and buy a padded bra for this blouse, because I really like it--I love the layered texture, and the shape is lovely for Steampunk--but all that extra fabric in front is just not flattering.  (And made it really hard to get pictures I liked for this post.  These are the best we could do, and that's not saying much. But many thanks to my Dear Husband for his efforts!)  

As for my Pikolinos--yes, you will likely see them a lot in these Sunday Pseudo-Steam posts, as they are my only dressy--and remotely Steamy--sandals.  I have mentioned before that I don't want to be frivolous with my clothing expenditures, so I try to get good deals on things.  But good shoes are one thing I do not scrimp on--if your feet hurt, then the rest of you is going to be miserable, and those adorable, trendy shoes you love so much will just end up sitting in their boxes, admired but unworn.  In my case especially, if a pair of shoes is going to be taking up valuable real-estate in my tiny closet, they had better meet all my criteria:  be comfortable, work well with the clothes they are supposed to, and make me happy every time I look at my feet.  So this past summer I broke down and admitted I needed a pair of dressy brown sandals, to go with all the lovely neo-Victorian skirts I was acquiring.   These are perfect for me.  They are just the right shade of  brown for all my skirts, the heel is not too high and is nice and sturdy, I absolutely love the three different textures on the straps, and they are soooooooo comfortable.  And so far, I have found all the shoes and boots in the Pikolinos brand to be equally well-made and comfortable, which I guess should not be surprising; those Italians know good shoes.  

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