Sunday, October 21

Sunday Pseudo-Steam for Oct. 21, 2012

Another episode in my quest to create a livable Real World Steampunk wardrobe.  Today the weather turned just cool enough to justify getting out a more late-Fall outfit.

(You are welcome to click on any image to see it larger, for better detail.)

Jacket by Fang, which I bought years and years ago at Ross, long before I knew there was such a thing as Steampunk.  It has always been one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, and always felt like "me."  (And that's really why Dear Husband and I were so thrilled to discover this whole thing called Steampunk--it felt like finding out something we had been all along, but which we did not know there was a name for.)  I am so happy to now be finding other neo-Victorian pieces to go with this jacket in a pseudo-Steampunk wardrobe.

The top underneath I did not think was worth photographing on its own, but it is one of my favorite basic tops that goes with pretty much everything and is so flattering (and is made in the USA, which is always a plus).

The skirt is one of my favorites too, by Onanya, which I found on Etsy about a year ago.  I usually wear it with sandals in warmer weather; I am trying to decide how I like it with velveteen and boots.  It's the weight of the cotton fabric that does not quite seem right--it is a fairly crisp, lighter-weight cotton, so even though the style and color are suitable for year-round (esp. where we live, in such a mild climate), I think the drape of the skirt gives away its light weight.

As you can see, it has these lovely pull-cords built into the length of the skirt, two in the front and two in the back; you can pull them up to gather the skirt and give it a lovely shape.  (Although it looks like I should have  straightened the front before these photos--it does not usually look bunchy like that. Sigh.) So far I have been wearing the skirt with them raised a bit in front to create that nice drape, but have been leaving the back down.  You can see how the hem in front is significantly higher than the back when I do this.  This photos are good for me to see--now I'm not sure I like it, at least not without some kind of petticoat peeking out underneath.

And maybe a petticoat underneath would also make the skirt seem more appropriately substantial for the colder months, when I wear it with heavier fabrics on top.

I welcome feedback!

But the absolute best part about this Sunday's look:  getting to wear my new boots for the first time!


I have been waiting FOREVER to show these to you! These boots are the end result of my months and months of Steampunk boot searches online.  I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but I had my wish list of features--and when I found these, I instantly knew they were the ones. They were called "Tahra," I believe, made in Canada by the appropriately named La Canadienne.  Those Canadians know how to brave nasty winter weather in style--so these lovely leather boots are also waterproof!  And they are so comfortable.  And totally neo-Victorian!

And I almost missed out on them--it was the end of the season last year when I discovered them, and only found *one* pair left for sale in my size, in the brown leather, on the whole world wide web!   However, if you like these, you might still be able to find them around the web, at least in the black version, which is also lovely, if not as quintessentially Steampunk.  They are not cheap, but I am a firm believer you get what you pay for, and for lovely neo-Victorian, waterproof leather boots?  Totally worth it.

Earrings again by Elaine Louise Studios

I love these earrings with this skirt; the copper and aubergine tones somehow together subtly echo the brown of the skirt.  So, complementary without being matchy-matchy.  I would really like to find one more accessory for this look--I'm thinking something with feathers, to wear in my hair.  Some understated brown plumes, with a hint of purple perhaps.  Yes, I think another Etsy search is in the making.  But in the meantime, if you have a suggestion, I would love to hear it. 

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