Monday, November 26

Jackets for the Steampunk Girl

Such amazing, adorable steampunk potential, for kids.  The famous GAP jackets by Stella McCartney.

It might just be that I am a product of the 80's, but one wardrobe essential for my kids is a good jean jacket.  Denim jackets go with everything, and are my preferred jacket for more dressy outings, like Sunday morning services.  They are good for three seasons of the year, and can be shoved under van seats and into backpacks and come out looking fine.   They are easy to care for, and hide dirt well, and hold up to years of use--which allows me to justify getting the cutest jackets available, since they will be worn by all three of my Mini-Minnies.  

I was ecstatic this past year when my eldest daughter needed a new jean jacket, and I actually found one on eBay that was wonderfully Real-World Steampunk:

Found currently at this listing--but fortunately I found my daughter's NWT for about $40, which is a far cry from the $140 (with ship) this seller is asking!  I would not pay that much for any jacket for a kid--esp. because kids are still kids and sometimes things get lost--but I absolutely love the jacket itself.  So so so cute on.  And even better, my eldest Mini-Minnie now fits adult shoe sizes, so look what boots I also found on eBay for a fraction of the store prices, which she wears with the jacket:

Merrell Tetra Strap--adorable and waterproof leather

 So steampunky together!  

Esp. if you are trying to assemble a pseudo-steampunk wardrobe for kids, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on the offerings on eBay.  You can often find excellent pieces that are sold out elsewhere, and at great prices, too.  My daughters don't need another denim jacket at the moment--but I am keeping a lookout for a great jacket for the next size up, since my eldest is shooting up like a reed. 

Another cute denim jacket, also by GAP.  I much prefer copper/brass/antique metal tones for steampunk, but since brass buttons on dark denim look as much 1970's as anything else, the silver tones of these are crisp and attractive.  Found on eBay here.

This one is on the sugary end of the spectrum, but the coppery-toned buttons and stitching, the distressed edging, and the shaped waist and peplum suggestion in the back all lend themselves well to steampunk.  By Hillary Duff, found on eBay here.

Very cute denim jacket by Ralph Lauren, found on eBay here.

Adorable military/band style from The Children's Place, on eBay here.  If all those big buttons were on a women's jacket, it would be too much--too clownish.  But on a little girl's jacket, the effect is whimsical, and I approve.

Victorian-esque denim jacket by Limited Too, found on eBay here.

This one I am not linking because the eBay listing is over.   It is also by GAP and is just too adorable.

Grey denim, and lovely military feel, found on eBay here.  I enjoy the shaped hem, and the tone of the buttons.

Of course, a cute and practical jacket for a steampunky girl does not have to be denim.  There are some excellent jackets in twill and other jean-weight fabrics.  This grey one is by GAP, found on eBay here.

And it looks like the same jacket comes in brown corduroy too.  Found on eBay here.

And this one is a fine-wale corduroy.  I just love those buttons, and it has very cute peplum detail in the back.  Such a cheerful mint green would not be ideal for a woman's steampunk look, but on a girl it is sweet.  By GAP, found on eBay here.

A knit version, found on eBay here. For a steampunk jacket, this is pretty boring. But a boring steampunk jacket is still more interesting to me than any other style!

This knit jacket is not nearly the quality I would normally buy my kids (as far as I can tell from the pics) but it is so adorable!  Even the silver zipper does not hinder the look overmuch. So if you need a light-weight, will-show-dirt-easily, likely-won't-last-through-three-girls steampunk jacket, here you go!

A cute khaki version.  The ruffle detail around the bottom (which extends all the way around the back) is just the right amount of girlie. Like the brass toned snaps too, and that high collar.  Found on eBay here.

You can even find such adorable little steampunky jackets for babies and toddlers!  Look at this wonderful camel jacket--I so wish that was in the next size up I need for my eldest.  I'll keep a look out!  Found here.

And here is another sweet little baby jacket.  If I had a little little one again, it would be so hard to resist!  Another listing that ended, so no link.

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