Monday, November 26

Steampunk boots at Zappos, Fall 2012--The Last Hurrah, Pt. 4

The last post of steampunky boots available this Fall at Zappos!  I know there are other places to look, and I have already found some other boots to share, but those will be another day.  *And I promise to post some other things in between, for those of you who are not as obsessed with boots as I am.  Even I am starting to gloss over at all the buckle and brown.

Matisse Pepper

So pretty!  One of my favorite tall boots I have posted.  Seems like most of the steampunky tall boots tend to be variations on the lace-up combat/airman ; this pair starts with a basic equestrian and adds all those lovely buckles up the side.  Notice how the buckles subtly alternate sizes, which adds visial depth.

MIA Roam

Another little western low boot; I love the rich chestnut leather, and the squared buckles crossing the vertically-detailed goring is stylistically lovely.

Old Gringo Ardora

Not at all steampunk.  And yet, the distressed leather really lends to steampunk. Any Steampunk feminista in need of boots?

Ugg Piera

The heel on this bootie is WAY too high for me, but these are stylistically versatile enough for a Real World Steampunk wardrobe. Esp. with striped tights and a short bustle skirt.

Wolky Saltzburg

Very cute modern variation on the spat bootie--the shapely Victorian-esque heel is what saves it from being too clunky.

Mojo Moxy Heiress

Now these do come in other, more traditionally steampunk colors, but this was the first time I ever saw a red boot that I think would work really well with steampunk, so of course I had to share it.  So glad they went with the cool-toned metal instead of bright brass--otherwise would have looked too costume-y, and would have cheapened the leather.

Two Lips Jade

Another basic boot--not my favorite in this series, but I like the buckles and how they are clearly functional for adjusting the boot to the wearer's leg.  The soft gathered leather under the buckles adds interesting visual texture too.

Diesel Give 12

I really like the combination of glossy leather and rich suede, and the shades of both are lovely in this boot.  So glad they used brass grommets--this are so beautifully current but with the most iconic steampunk tones.

Another biker boot--but what tips these over to steampunk are the brass-toned buckles--and the sheer number of them.

Very pretty lace-up boot, in another more unusual shade of brown.

Another Western low boot--but also quite workable with a Western-themed steampunk wardrobe.

Timberland Boot Company Lucille Snap

Ok, these are not at all my favorite.  Frankly, they are pretty ugly.  BUT I am posting them as more pseudo-steampunk fodder for those of you who want to work steampunk elements into your wardrobe, but who need some serious snow footwear.

El Naturalista Nido Ella

Same with these--a steampunky duck boot! 

Bedstu Annabelle

Why are there so many adorable Western-flair boots out right now?  I'm not at all attracted to the ones that are pure country, but the ones that have a subtle edginess, a little punk touch--just love them.  I think the laces in the back are an adorable feature, and would undoubtedly be more comfortable than the zippers I keep seeing there.  The sweet little wrap-around buckle detail is another lovely design element.  I am not a fan of that heel, but at least it is wood-look, and not screaming molded plastic.  Nothing is worse for breaking a Real World Steampunk aesthetic than plastic. 

Another basic riding boot--but I really like the tone of the leather, and its subtle distressing.  The metal tones are quite lovely too.

And I really, really like them in the green version!  This exact pair of green leather boots would be soooooooo stinkin' cute with the right steampunk ensemble.  I wish I had the $ and closet space to experiment!

And on that note, we wrap up the final installment of the steampunky boots on Zappos series.  I hope you found this research interesting, and even helpful.  If so, of course I would love to know! 

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