Sunday, November 18

Steampunk boots at Zappos, Fall 2012--The Last Hurrah, Pt. 3

Besdtu Jade

There is a fine line to leather distressing--too much and the boots end up looking cheaper, and like they are trying too hard to be trendy. These boots are borderline--I would have to see them in person to pass a final judgement.  But from here, I think they just made it; and I really enjoy the way the distressing brings out the line of detail that runs up the side and around the back.  And those cord fasteners are a lovely, unusual addition.  I am not at all crazy about the way they tied the cord up at the top, but assume one would just lace it so the cord is tied with a bow on the outside, like most boots.  Too bad it is not some kind of button or buckle fastener up there at the top--that would really have been attractive.

Ugg Adela

This is another boot that almost seems to be trying too hard. . . I like all the elements of this boot on their own, and think it might be the pebbly texture of the golden leather that sends the look just over the top.  And yet, it is cohesive, so I still kinda like it.  Another boot with the twisted zipper (I wonder how those are to actually use?) and really nice strap and buckle detail.  I also like the two tones of golden and reddish browns together.

And yet I almost like them better in this blue-whale color combo.  It is so unusual, and could be quite striking with the right outfit.  Would really complement a more fantastical steampunk look.

Eric Michael Willow

Another lovely Ingalls-esque boot, a basic boot with just the right feminine shaping and detail.

Miz Mooz Claudia

Funny, but the grommets are just a little too tiny on these booties for my taste; they seem hesitant, unsure of themselves.  This is one case where a little bolder would have been stylistically better.

Eric Michael Lena

And I absolutely loathe the heel on this boot.  Seriously wrong.  But the scalloped edging with that two-ring buckle design is very pretty.

Ariat Sheffield

This boot has a lovely shade of rich chocolate leather, and I really like how it contrasts with the dark mental toned "buttons."  I'm not a fan of the way the design elements meet the shape of the toe, but at least the elegant shaping at the top of the boot draws the eye away from the toe.

Spirit by Lucchese Annie

This boot I also featured in one of my earliest boot posts, but in the black leather.  This shade of brown is quite attractive, and I like the antique nickel metal tones against it.

El Naturalista Anji

Now, these boots are not at all steampunk.  And yet, they have an usual, creative design that I think would complement a Real World Steampunk wardrobe.  The wrapped leather ties are so feminine too. I wish that green tag wasn't there, and that heel would be really putting me off if it did not have a slightly dystopian feel.  But still, a boot that is stylistically worth considering.

Kalso Earth Outlier

Another quirky boot, kinda Steampunk/biker/Inuit.  Looks like it would have good tread for snow, and that liner would be warm, but it is not waterproof, or I would have added it to this post.

Naya Virtue

I'm really enjoying how many of these steampunky prairie-flair short boots are out there.  So many attractive little boots!  I really like these, but think the heel would be a bit high for my every day around town needs.  Still, you realize I blog about these boots so I don't forget them.  Who knows, I might look back and decide these would be perfect for my needs!

Vince Camuto Dassia

I'm also enjoying the number of grey leather steampunk-compatible boots I have seen. Most of them are available in brown and black too, but grey could be a really nice way to stay neutral and versatile.

Aldo Rouisse

These remind me of this Merrell boot I tried out, and am still tempted to get myself.  The Merrell boot was waterproof leather, so nicely made, and very comfortable.  This one is similar enough that of the two, I would probably go for the waterproof.  But I included these because I like the itty-bitty buckle running vertically underneath the ankle buckle--I enjoy detail.

This is another boot you have likely seen already, but it is just such a classic I had to post it too.

Matisse Renegade

I really like the different buckle styles on this one, and they wisely left the rest of the boot plain, to draw attention to the quality and sheen of the leather, and to keep from making the boot too busy.

Vaneli Vivid

This boot reminds me of this one I blogged about previously in this series, but with a much nicer suede finish. But the other boots had a slightly more feminine shape that I liked--these are a little too stumpy.

Another pretty basic tall boot, not overtly steampunk, but definitely compatible with it.

BC Foorwear Cub

This one is not steampunk, and runs a little too mom-boot, esp. on the bottom (oh, to have an edgy, more combat heel to nicely bring out the strap detail on the side).  But still, I like the subtle piecing and tone of the grey leathers.  I can see this boot working really well with some Real-World Steampunk looks.

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