Friday, November 16

Steampunk boots at Zappos, Fall 2012--The Last Hurrah

Still in my search for boots this season, I have decided enough is enough! My tootsies are getting cold, the rainy season is upon me, I need some boots like yesterday. So yesterday I hunkered down with my afternoon tea and as quickly but methodically as I could, went through every. single. leather. boot on Zappos.

That's a lot of boots.

Yes, I'm a wee bit obsessive compulsive.  Yes, I go just a tad overboard when it comes to researching options.  But I hate the thought of getting a pair of boots and then a week later seeing a different pair of boots that is fabulous and meets all my needs and that I end up kicking myself for not finding.  I'm not the kind of gal who buys a new pair of shoes every winter, let alone several--I'm looking for boots that will make me happy until they wear out.  It's like looking for a mail-order husband when you believe it's till-death-do-us-part.

Yes, I do realize I am taking my boot hunt waaaaay to seriously.  But that is seriously half of the fun.  And besides--nothing goes better with afternoon tea than steampunky boots.  And dark chocolate.

Paul Green Ohio

Basic boot, but I like the shape of the buckle (even if it channels a little more Jamestown colonist than Victorian) and I like the toe detail.

Bedstu Tabor

This is another fairly basic boot, but I thought the angled zipper was a refreshing detail, and the antique leather tone is lovely.

This boot you have probably seen already--it's everywhere. It's definitely more in the biker genre, but the combination of bronze and sable leather tones would go so well with more punky steampunk looks.  And once again, the distressed leather lends itself very well to steampunk.

Rieker d6470 fleur

A lovely little bootie, in a more unusual shade of cocoa.  The usual steampunky reddish brown tones are lovely, and are great for upping the steampunk value of any pair of boots, but other tones and colors can work just as well with steampunk and can add visual interest.

Rieker d7373 Milla

Very cute button detail, nice shaping around the cuff, and I like the leather "piping" and hint of spats.
These are ever cuter the longer I look at them--I enjoy good design and this bootie is oozing with it.

Donald J. Pliner Dalee

Another possible entry in the "Steampunk Leia on Endor" category, but the twisted zipper is cute, and the buckle at the ankle is quite attractive.

Clarks Ingalls Nile

I just love the name of this bootie--you cannot tell me the namer of this shoe was not a steampunk fan, as it immediately conjures up a mental picture of Laura on a steamboat adventure through the African jungle wilds.

As far as I can tell from the photos, the leather texture of this boot is not my favorite--looks a little too roughly finished, which usually brings to mind more cheaply-made boots.  But I like the two buckle design on the side, and that heel is so attractive.

This boot is not very steamy in itself--the top design and shades of leather have a little more Lady Legolas going on--but could be lovely with a steampunk ensemble. 

Pikolinos Brujas

I tried out the bootie version of this boot, and it was so comfortable and fit my ankle beautifully.  The leather is butter soft too.

These boots are totally biker.  BUT that gorgeous post-apocalyptic distressing is just so perfect for someone going for that aspect of steampunk in her wardrobe.

Vince Camuto Bollo

Nice back detail, although the top of the boot is a little too lady pirate.

Franco Sarto Poet

This one is basic enough I would not have shared it except I liked the stitching and the straps/buckles at the top.  This is the second boot in this post that features short straps held on by prominent tacks, and I really like the subtle effect.

Donald J. Pliner Devi2

It is just too bad that all the boots in this design have the most hideous distressed pattern.  Oh, why, why?!  Because otherwise this boot is soooooooooo adorable, it likely would have ended up in my closet.  This particular color variation was the most subtle--and therefore bearable--and I just wish they had limited the crazy texture to one pair and made the other two more traditional leather.

DV by Dolce Vita Rodge

Another Ingalls-esque bootie, basic but attractive.

Miz Mooz Ora

 I am not at all a fan of this heel, but the button design is very cute, and I do like the burnt sienna shade of brown too.

Kalso Earth Diablo

Finally, one more example to prove how mainstream steampunk aesthetics have become in the fashion industry--a steampunk earth shoe!   I must say, I never would have thunk it, but they pull it off quite well.  Love that heel detail!

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